Friday, February 24, 2012

see what happens when i watch TV

I was recently watching the pilot episode of "24." Most people would pay attention to the underlying plot of the episode. I noticed these two things. First, Keifer Sutherland has a sexy voice. And his voice is unmistakable. I've always found his voice sexy, but it really stood out to me in this episode. The other thing I noticed was his teen daughter snuck out othe house. Daddy's little girl snuck out of the house and then lied and said daddy died 6 months ago.

Panic struck me! OMG! I really have it coming to me during parenthood. I was a pretty good kid but only because I was stupid. I only got caught sneaking out once. Rebellion runs deep through my veins. I get such a high from sneaking around. I just know that my teenagers are going to be a handful.

So then I started thinking, should I tell my children about all of the stupid mistakes I've made? Should I share with my children all of the wrong I've done? (Course this is all a mute point if my book is published before I have children). But that's a good question. How much info should parents share with their children?

Enough deep thoughts for tonight.

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