Sunday, January 1, 2012


 Years ago I watched this "Friends" episode where Chandler was going through all of his CD's. Monica (the ultimate OCD role model) was trying to convert him. Chandler's CD collection was a mess. The CD's were in disarray and some discs were not even in the correct CD case. As I watched this episode I realize that it's actually normal to have your CD's and DVD's in disarray, so the fact that my CD's were not in alphabetical order meant that I am normal.

The other night a friend of mine is checking out my DVD selection. It was mentioned that my DVD's are not in alphabetical order. I kind of freaked out a little bit. I'm like, "oh crap, did I mess up one? Are there are a few DVD's out of order?" (the fact that I freaked out about this is a huge red flag that I'm not NORMAL).

The next thing I know, my friend asked if my CD's were arranged alphabetically. I was so embarrassed to say NO! In my mind I started defending myself. I remembered the "Friends" episode and started this long conversation in my mind explaining to my friend why the CD's were in disarray. Before I went to bed the voice inside my head finally ended the argument (that was never vocalized) by saying "This is my one attempt at being normal." So, Sunday morning at 6am on Jan 1 I decided to get out of bed and arrange my CD's alphabetically. I am now officially OCD!

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