Thursday, January 5, 2012

I love cooking. I find it pretty relaxing. I usually play Beethoven's 5th symphony as I cook. To me cooking is another form of art work. I can't paint, but I can create something beautiful with food. Last night I'm making lasagna. As easy as lasagna is, there is one part that is always TRICKY for me. Spreading this thick cheese mixture on the noodles just doesn't work right. I've tried every utensil that I own to ease this process and nothing works well. So last night I tried something different. I decided to finger paint using the noodles as my canvas. I lathered up my hands with the cheese mixture and just went crazy spreading it across the noodles. I had so much fun! Then of course I start directing the symphony with my cheese covered hands :)

I can't wait for dinner tonight!

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