Monday, December 19, 2011

Tis better to give than to receive.

This year has been the first time in my life that I have actually felt this way. My mother is obsessed with photos since all of her grandchildren live far away. Most of the gifts that I make for her involve family photos. I've always enjoyed surprising my mother with these priceless gifts. Every once in a while even dad is impressed with my ingenious plan. This Christmas I am trying something different and I am eager to see her response. I'm a little nervous though. There is always this tiny little feeling that I missed the mark and the recipient isn't going to enjoy the gift.

Having said that, this year I've thoroughly enjoyed shopping for my friend's gifts, making some gifts, and watching their facial expressions when they open the gift.

Now, I also feel a tiny bit of guilt because I had all intentions of sending out Christmas cards to all of my friends (who don't receive a gift) and that just never happened. I kept thinking to myself, I'll start that project tomorrow. Tomorrow came several times and I never even started the project. Christmas is this weekend. There is really no pointing in starting the project now :-) Instead, I sent a Christmas package to a unit of Marines serving in the Gulf of Oman and my brother's unit in Kandahar Afghanistan. Last but not least, I sent a card to a friend's niece serving in Okinawa Japan. Loving on our military personnel has been the greatest blessing to me. It is the best Christmas gift that I have could have given to myself.

For more information on supporting our troops, please visit You'll be so blessed!!

Merry Christmas to all

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