Monday, December 5, 2011

Here is the perfect example of a hysterical calamity.

I'm at work in the ladies restroom. All of the stalls are empty. I pick the same ole stall that I use each time. (we are creatures of habit). I start to pull the toilet paper, and the ENTIRE ROLL plummets to the floor and rolls like a big ole cheese wheel out of the stall and lands in the middle of the bathroom floor. As I sat there watching the entire roll just cruising out of the stall I remembered that all of the stalls were empty when I came in the bathroom. I'm alone, so there is no one to ask for help. I begin to laugh so hard that I cannot breathe!! As I start to ponder on what the heck to do, I hear my manager walk into the ladies room and chuckle. She just sees this huge roll of toilet paper laying on the bathroom floor. She chuckles as she ask "does someone need toilet paper?" I'm laughing so hard that I cannot breathe so I have maintain some composure just so I can catch my breath. With a huge sigh of relief I answered "ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I have been laughing about this all day. I hope that you find this just as entertaining as I did.

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