Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On the dark side

I'm sure that you've seen all 6 "Star Wars" flicks. I know I've watched them several times. Anakin Skywalker began fighting for good and then crosses over to the dark side.

Last night I went to bed around 10pm. I needed to get up about an hour later. I walked around my place without putting on the spectacles and without turning on the lights. I considered flipping on a light switch, but my eyes had already adjusted to the dark so it was just easier walking around in the dark. That's when I realized that the same is true for us spiritually. Once we start living our life in the dark, it becomes comfortable. It's difficult to change our ways and start walking in the light. For example, many years ago I quit saying a quick prayer blessing my meals. Now, it's just so difficult remembering. I've been out of the habit of praying before I eat a meal, that I just skip it. Not to imply that I'm living on the "dark side" by skipping a quick prayer blessing each meal. I just wanted to provide a quick example. Once we get out of the habit of doing right, we become complacent and it's difficult to return to the right way of living. But Praise the Lord, no matter how long we wait, the Father is standing there with open arms ready to receive us.

blessings all,

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