Sunday, June 12, 2011

Today I am here to share a few lyrics by DC Talk (from 1995) in the album Jesus Freak. These lyrics have been very encouraging to me lately.

I hear you whispering my name. You say, "my love for you will never change."  That's right, God's love for us will NEVER change. I've been searching for someone who will love me unconditionally. God is the only one who can. All of us humans don't have that capability. I try to love people unconditionally, but my humanity gets in the way.

Day by day, these three things I do pray: to see thee more clearly, to love thee more dearly, to follow thee more nearly. This album was released in 1995. Years later a new trend started in the Christian book stores & in church - The prayer of Jabez. I can't really remember all of the lines in the prayer of Jabez. I think both prayers are significant, but the prayer mentioned by DC Talk is simple and yet so deep & intense. Isn't this what we all need; to see God more clearly, to love God more dearly, and follow God more closely? I know that I need it.

You know that it's true. He died for me and you; doesn't matter what you do. This is so powerful for me. I have felt condemnation most of my life. Christians (including myself at times) can be so judgemental. I need to be reminded that it doesn't matter what I do, Jesus still loves me!! I mean, I know in my head that Jesus loves me. He's Jesus, he kinda has to love me, right? But my heart doesn't always feel that love. Especially when someone points out to me that I've done something wrong and my sins grieve Jesus. So, this lyric really touches my heart.

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