Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You know, after hearing of 2 deaths the first 2 weeks of this year I thought 2011 was going to be a rough ride. However, things are turning around nicely. In the last few weeks a few people have told me that I'm strong. To support that theory, a few friends who are going through a rough break up have been coming to ME. I'm just shocked. It's not so much that I give them advice, since I feel I don't really have this subject mastered. I just listen to them and tell them my story. One woman confided in me that she felt she attracted the wrong type of man or turned a good man bad. So I shared with her the story of who I refer to as "rebound man." The first guy I dated after my marriage ended. It turns out he is a con. He got me good!!!

As I focus more on God, I can really hear Him talking to me. I prayed about something rather important and within a week I knew exactly what God wanted me to do. I feel like I'm the social butterfly again. I know it's crazy but after a year or 2 of grieving, I realized that I was hiding. I created this little shell and hid inside like a turtle terrified of getting hurt again. Well, I've got my groove back baby!! I even got all dressed up on Saturday and went out salsa dancing for the first time. I had so much fine that I signed up for a class next week. I returned to my old volleyball team tonight and really enjoyed it. I was actually GOOD tonight. I had so much confidence.
And although I'm a little disappointed, it's ok that I was turned down for a higher paying job last week.

So I found the love of my life right inside my Bible- JESUS!!

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