Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm proud to be a Christian, but there are certain biblical things that just frighten me. I find the book of Revelations quite intimidating. I remember as a child I watched this film in church about the tribulation. It freaked the hell out of me. In the film there was a child under 10 years old who was terrified, which is exactly how I felt watching the film. Really the only other thing in the film that I remember is people having 666 stamped on their foreheads and that was the "mark of the beast." This was to symbolize that you followed the anti-christ.

In my mid twenties I briefly studied Revelations in a Sunday school class. There were many heated discussions. I felt uncomfortable in every class. I just wanted to run. The Bible study I was involved in just ended and the only other thing that I was aware of was a study on Revelations. I was completely against it. But two of my friends highly recommended it so I took the plunge. Granted the night that I was finally able to go & check it out I was in the first stages of a head cold and wasn't myself. But I was intrigued. Today I've been researching a few things online and even printed up the commentary for the next chapter we read. Luckily the study is every other week so I have 2 weeks to read this. Lord knows that I won't really understand it.

Signing off.. time to eat some dinner. I'm getting dizzy again


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