Saturday, December 4, 2010

Four beautiful children went home to their Heavenly Father. A young man loses his dearly beloved mother to cancer. A family loses their mom/ grandma to a stroke. A co-worker is shot & killed during a robbery and my mother's best friend lost her battle of lung cancer.

My heart aches for these families who lost a loved one. My co-worker had 4 children, a grandchild and was a mentor to his nephew. He was a servant of God. I've known my mom's best friend since I can remember. This weekend I can hear her laughter piercing through their grief. She had been suffering greatly in her last days. We are relieved that she feels no more pain, but a hole is still left in the hearts of many. We called her Jo.

I'm really surprised at my reaction. I haven't shed a tear for any of them. I've prayed for the families, sent a bereavement card or two, followed stories online, and offered a shoulder to cry on to my mother; but I haven't cried. Granted, I only know one of the deceased personally but I am saddend by the tragedies. I'm sure that will all change tomorrow when I attend the service for Jo. My heart aches for her children & husband. I know how much they are hurting. My mom just lost a dear friend. But all I can hear is Jo's laughter. She & my mother were always laughing. They would talk about every day life & situations and find pure comedy. I remember when Jo was pregnant with her 3rd child Brandon. Jo was a bus driver for many years. For about a month she let me & my sister ride her bus to school to save my mother the hassle with all of the kids she cared for at home. Someone complained and that all changed. I remember when Patricia (her oldest daughter) left her bike in the street. When Jo left our house she didn't see the bike & ran over it. It was this large piece of twisted metal. One day Jo was picking up Brandon and he was playing "bunk beds" with one of the girls my mother babysat. We went to Jo's house on a regular basis. They lived right down the street. I couldn't tell you their number though. Back then we had a corded phone installed in the kitchen with speed dial. Jo was my mom's favorite #, 3. I think Nanny was # 1. Jo & her husband Ray would bring us a cheese ball every Christmas. One year my mother bought a bunch of candy bar assortments for Jo & Ray. They had purchased my mom a coffee maker to replace her broken one. My mother felt so guilty.

We will miss you Jo. But I know you are sitting softly at the Savior's feet and no longer in pain. I'm so happy you are home with your Heavenly Father.

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