Sunday, October 10, 2010


I'm starting to think that I am the only one who truly doesn't believe this "saying." I hear it all the time. However, I only hear the phrase as an attempt to comfort someone facing adversity. Why on God's green earth do people assume that this phrase will relieve someone from their pain? Someone was laid off, lost a loved one, turned down for a promotion, declined for a mortgage, the car broke down, going through a divorce, facing bankruptcy, or some other tragedy and upon hearing the tragic news the only comforting words you can conjure up is "everything happens for a reason." Really now?? There's some unknown godly reason for the discomfort I'm feeling and you thought that reminding me of this would alleviate my pain?? Whatever happened to giving someone a hug, telling them that you are there for them, wrap your arms around them and show them all of the love you have, or you could cry with themand hold their hand as they face this tragedy. One could treat them to dinner or give them a card with some actual words of encouragement. At least Hallmark was smart enough to not put this phrase in their sympathy cards!! If miles separate you, you can still show love over the phone, in an email, via text, whatever method of communication works best for you. Anything is better than offering this stupid cliche as a means of comforting someone.

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