Wednesday, June 16, 2010

good & evil

Ever since I was a kid I have this habit of labeling people as good & bad. I rarely remember all of the reasons why a person earned a certain label, but it helped me to block out some of the bad. For instance, one guy in our church scared me so much. I knew that no one would believe me but I knew he was BAD! Now, when I see his photo or hear his name I don't really reveal all of the details but I still call him the bad man.
On the other hand, I was a kid while President Reagan was in office. I don't know anything about his tenure, but I remember he was a GOOD President. To this day I couldn't have an intellectual conversation about him, but I know he was one of the good guys.
Some people think that I'm rude, unchristian like, bitter, and so on; but I really hope that they don't label me as one of the bad guys. I don't care if they think my fashion trends are out of date, I'm silly for still listening to Poison, I'm a nut because my life is an open book. But I do care if they label me as of one the bad guys. Because I know how bad a person must be to earn that label from me!!

Why are the bad memories so hard to erase but the good memories so hard to cling to?? (how's that for ending a sentence with a preposition)

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