Monday, December 29, 2014

pet peeves

My father is a little OCD. He doesn’t like lights on in an empty room. Growing up, I often heard him nag us about leaving the lights on when we left a room. He would always turn off the lights.

I inherited this pet peeve.

 Have you ever noticed in Corporate America that conference rooms stay lit all the time? As I walk by an empty conference room, I always turn off the lights. My co-workers have noticed this trait about me. My manager chuckles at me from time to time because I can’t resist stepping into a conference room to turn off the light even when I’m running to the bathroom.

Recently as I walked by an empty conference room, or so I thought, I stepped in to turn off the light as usual. As I stepped in, a little voice came from the back corner. I nearly jumped, it scared me so badly. I bend over as I chuckle at myself, then apologized to the unsuspecting coworker. I explained my little pet peeve to her, and chuckled as I apologized again for almost turning off the lights leaving her to a conference call in the dark.

Now, I thoroughly check the conference rooms before I turn off the light J

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