Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm Drunk!

   Have you ever consumed so much alcohol that you lost self control, common sense, and just followed the foolishness of the alcohol?

  Ephesians 5:18 indicates that we should not be drunk with wine but be drunk with the Holy Spirit. Being drunk in the Holy Spirit is stepping out of our knowledge and following the lead of the Holy Spirit. When I look at my career, all I see is a glass ceiling. I work in an environment for which I see no opportunity for advancement. The executives refuse to allow us to hire any corporate staff although it is quite evident we are extremely short staffed. The national job market is none to be desired. When I review all of this data with my earthly eyes and mind, I get frustrated and angry. However when I lift up all of my worries, including my career, to God I become drunk in the Holy Spirit. I lose control and worship God fully with my words and actions. The Holy Spirit takes over the situation and I am at peace. People who do not understand the Holy Spirit think I'm acting foolishly, but really I'm following the call of God on my life. The decisions I make while being under the influence of the Holy Spirit don't make sense on an earthly level, but these decisions have always brought so much reward.

  I've recently made a few decisions about the direction of my life. One thing I've prayed about is my career. I know others won't understand the decisions I've made, but I have so much peace about these decisions. I know I am doing what is right because I am following the influence of the Holy Spirit.

  Go and be drunk in the Holy Spirit!

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Anonymous said...

I thought this was going to be drunk story, lol. Good luck with your new career little cousin! - Teresa