Friday, September 30, 2011

Have you ever made a mistake that will haunt you for the rest of your life? About 12 years ago I made such a mistake. I've felt so much shame for over a decade. Every day I see this mistake in the mirror. You see, while I was married I got a simple little tattoo of my husbands name- MARK. And about 2 years after I got the tattoo my marriage ended. As a quick remedy, I turned this mistake into scripture: MARK 10:27. Very few people actually comprehend the tatto at first, but this year the Lord has really helped me to embrace it instead of being ashamed of it.

While I was shopping for some new clothes with my best friend a few months ago, she found this flattering summer dress. I usually wear sleeves long enough to cover the tattoo, so I was completely against a sleeveless dress. She just nonchalantly said "oh who cares, it's a Bible verse!" That's when the thought first occured to me, why am I so ashamed of this? It's not my ex-husband name. It's a testimony. I turned a mistake into scripture. That is awesome!

While touring some museums in our nations capital this year, I found a silver plated cross with this scripture "For with God all things are possible" engraved in the center. I just had to purchase it. That's my tattoo. And last Sunday I wore a sleeveless dress to church and this woman high on life walks past me, points at my tattoo and rejoiced in it. She was cheering me on, WOOHOO, that's a good one.

Tonight, I was rehearsing for my friend's wedding tomorrow. During the rehearsal dinner she gave me this special gift. It's a beautiful bracelet and the charms say "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE"! I'm so touched! Not only does it show that she's quite observant and has good taste, but this was another way for the Lord to remind me there is no shame. It's a BEAUTIFUL bracelet. There is beauty in my tattoo!

I doubt she imagined I would be so uplifted by the gift. The Lord continues to teach me new things.

I need to get to bed. I'm in a wedding tomorrow!

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