Sunday, June 5, 2011

What would you do if you saw a spider crawling all over the man sitting in front of you at church? I don't know the man and didn't really feel comfortable smacking his back during service. Who wants to draw that kind of attention in the beginning of a church service? I considered using the church bulletin to shew the spider off of his shirt, but the spider outsmarted me and walked around to the front of the shirt. Yeah, how inappropriate is that, just smacking the man in the chest from behind?? It did tickle me though.

Of course this not only distracted me, but I instantly felt spiders crawling all over me. I was scratching my back, face, scalp, legs. I just felt spiders everywhere. I mean, if there is a spider in the row right in front of me there can surely be a spider walking around my chair. I've already noticed that I attract spiders.


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