Tuesday, September 28, 2010

what's that smell?

Yesterday I ran errands during my lunch break. It was pretty hot outside and a little humid. I returned to work and noticed a little funk. The odor seemed stronger a couple of hours later. I sniffed my arm pitts and didn't notice anything. I sniffed my shirt, camisole, and sweater and didn't notice anything. The funk was still strong in the air. I thought maybe it's time to switch soaps or deodorant. I was so embarrassed. I wanted to run home & shower. I walked around to another dept to work on a project and returned to my desk. As soon as I stepped back into my cube the pungent odor smacked me in the face. That's when I remembered, I tossed 2 tubs of cream cheese that had been out for 5 days. SCHWOO!! as I laughed hysterically at myself for thinking the stinch was me.


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