Saturday, September 4, 2010


I brought home my little bearded dragon, Zoey. She is 5 months old. She's been here a week. She has the cutest facial expressions. Zoey likes to run & hide. She picks the darndest hiding spots. She typically hides in plain sight. One afternoon she used my rocking chair as a jungle gym. She was climbing all over it. I went to hang up a coat and there she was just hanging on one of the wooden poles. She quickly figured out the eating routine. The minute I let her out of the tank she runs to the "prep area" looking for her crickets.
I think that they have the cutest ears. Today was her first bath. It was funny. This is my first reptile so I had no idea what to expect. Reptiles are much easier to bathe then cats. Although, having a tub with an incline she quickly found a way to escape the water. She didn't like the "deep" end at all. But the trick worked, her shedding skin quickly came off and now she feels all better. She even ate some veggies with worms on them. I started using the worms to top off the salad and now she eats veggies.
One night as soon as I painted my nails, she decided she wanted out of her tank. Being a good mom, I took her out. Apparently her favorite color is pink and she licked it right off my nail. Since she is still alive, I assume nail polish is not toxic. She likes to climb trees just like her mommy. She is really cute nestled up in the tree. There's a hiding place inside the tree that the crickets go for shelter. I found them today when I cleaned out the tank.
Today we watched TV together. I don't think she's a fan of Everybody Loves Raymond. As soon as the show comes on she flees the couch. And once again found the darkest corner of the house to hide and take a little nap. She's so cute when she's sleeping.

The first night I brought her home I checked on her every few hours. I thought, wow if I am this bad with a beardie, I wonder what I will be like when I bring home an infant. I checked the temp in her cage, the humidity. I was really worried since half of her body was in her bowl of water. I didn't want her to drown, or be to cold. She hasn't slept in the bowl of water since. I rearranged the tank and gave her a few more places to stretch out and feel at home.

I am really fascinated by these creatures. Granted I am used to owning cats, but beardies are completely different than any other pet I've researched. What other pet basks under a bright hot light while in a tank and then runs to the coldest darkest spot in the house when outside of the tank. Strange.

more to come.....

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