Saturday, May 22, 2010

welcome to your thirties

Life is so full of surprises :)

At 30 it seems that my breast are like sandbags hanging from my chest. It takes a pair of horse shoes covered in nylon, that they so coveniently called a bra, to hold up these sand bags. Some marketing genius titled it lingerie to put a hefty price tag on it and make everyone want one.
I've noticed that the number of hair & skin care products in my bathroom outnumber my fingers & toes. Never in my wildest dreams did I foresee having 3 types of facial cleaners, 3 razors and about 4 types of lotions to cover every type of skin issue possible. However I am stuck in the dark ages when it comes to bathing. I still use bar soap. Not a body wash person.

As a teenager, I enjoyed shopping for music, apparel, and posters. Now I get excited when Lysol wipes go on sale and can reach an orgasm when shampooing my living room. I'm just so darn happy when the drink that I spilled doesn't stain the floor WOOHOO!!!! This past winter we had about 8 snow storms and I used cat litter to make the front stoop walkable and the shampooer cleaned it up so nicely.
My weekend plans are cleaning out the closet and laundry. Of course I'm just excited that I was able to sleep in until 8 this morning. Ironically enough, the fact that I don't have to be anywhere at a certain time today means I can relax and this is what I consider relaxing. Whatever happened to going to the movies and walking around aimlessly at the mall joking on everyone else's apparel and hairdo's as the definition of fun??

What a difference a decade or two will make, right? And to think, when I was a teenager I thought I knew it all. Since then my college major changes annually, my faith has been through some really turbulent times just to land on "down right confused," and my idea of a loving relationship is when a guy actually calls when he says he will :) And I thought that I would never have to endure the hardship of dating ever again when I took my wedding vows.

laughing it all the way to the grave

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